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Caroline & Stu

The Wedding

Our Big Day

After the excitement of our engagement came a year of wedding planning. It was tougher than we had anticipated, taking all of our spare time. Searching for a venue, suppliers, thinking of ways to stamp our mark on the day, and making it fun and memorable for all of our guests. It was a challenging time with ups and downs, successes and disasters, wondering if we would make it.

It was definitely worth all that hard work, it all came together on the day. On Saturday 18th April 2015 at Studley Castle in Warwickshire, we both said "I do". A beautiful day shared with our close family and friends, full of fun and laughter, just the way we had imagined. It was a fitting end to the first chapter of our story and the perfect start to our second chapter. We've put together this recollection of our very special day and we hope you enjoy it.

Mr & Mrs Whyte

The Videos

Our Stories

The wedding may have gone but it definitely won't be forgotten - along with the many happy memories we made along the way, we created this collection of videos to watch repeatedly (and we do!). It all started with Stu's creation, the Proposal video. It was amazing to have something we could show other people, to bring our proposal story to life, and so we continued to produce videos in order to share these moments. Why send a Save the Date card when you can send a Save the Date trailer video? If it was possible to video it, we did!

The Proposal

Stu proposed on Tuesday 11th March 2014, somehow managing to keep it a complete surprise. Tuesday is date night, so Caroline knew they were going out for dinner to Smith’s in Wapping, but she had no idea about the proposal! Just after the starters and before the main course arrived, Stu passed Caroline his iPad and asked her to watch this video. A shocked and confused Caroline was then presented with a beautiful engagement ring - of course she didn’t hesitate and said yes.

Save the Date

We wanted to do something a bit different to the usual "Save the Date" fridge magnet, so went on the search for a film company that could help us with our vision for a Save the Date trailer. We had lots of fun making this and are so pleased with the results, we asked Inverve to do our wedding photography and videography.

The Hen Party

Marryoke is, traditionally, a fun alternative kind of wedding video — shot on the day of the wedding itself. But that didn't stop Caroline from challenging convention, and throwing the rule book out of the window. Her secret hen-do Marryoke was an incredible idea, and thanks to an incredible bunch of girls was a huge amount of fun to shoot! And, when the Groom and Guests were played the surprise video on the day of the wedding, few in attendance could believe quite what they were seeing.

The 1st Dance

As we've both danced before - Stu has danced Modern Jive for six years and Caroline has tried many styles with Jazz being her favourite - there was no need to discuss whether to have a choreographed routine. The song choice was remarkably easy, and we spent six months learning our routine - a combination of Viennese Waltz, Paso Doble, and Jive. Spending time together twice a week was a great way to get away from the wedmin while still actively contributing to the wedding preparations.

The Trailer

Who would have thought that an entire wedding could be condensed into a two minute trailer?! Not us, and yet here it is. From getting ready right the way through to the evening reception, it's definitely a compilation of all the best bits. What we love most about this video is seeing everyone smiling and having as much fun as we did. It's the perfect teaser for the full-length wedding video.

The Anniversary

To cap off the first year of marriage, we booked a trip to Singapore and Australia. To properly mark the occasion, and do things in style, we used the AirMiles we'd earned over the year and booked into First Class, and of course Stu had to film the whole experience. What a fitting end to our first chapter as Mr & Mrs.

The Photos

Our Memories

Thank you so very much to everyone who took photos of our day, we loved seeing the ones that you shared with us on Facebook, they perfectly captured all the moments that happened while we were looking the other way! We think there may be a few more out there that we haven't seen yet... We've chosen a small selection of our favourite photos to share with you here, the ones that bring back those extra special memories. They remind us of the fun we had with the Stags, the Hens, and all the Guests on our big day.

The Team

Our suppliers

Many, many people helped us to pull our special day together. Our friends and family gave tons of advice, support and suggestions, for which we thank them. But there were also a number of behind the scenes suppliers who went above and beyond. This is our way of saying "guys, you were awesome, we couldn't have done it without you".

Photography & Videography


When Stu returned from a wedding fair announcing he'd found the perfect photographer/videographer, Caroline wasn't convinced. Maybe it was all the gadgets and "boy talk" that woo-ed him. Or maybe it was the fact that Adam and Garrett didn't think our ideas were totally crazy. It's fair to say we pushed their imaginations to the limit and the finished products speak for themselves. Not only did they tell our story, they became an important part of it.

Now we need to think of some more crazy ideas so we can work with them again!


Karen Gardiner

Someone else who wasn't fazed by Stu's ideas. The initial contact was a number of links to various You Tube videos of choreographed dances, including some by professional dancers! The six months of classes were quite a challenge, learning the basics of a Vienesse Waltz and making amendments to the choreography along the way as we learnt what our strengths were.

Our First Dance video, plus a few clips we have from our very first lessons, show just how far we came. And thanks to Karen we had a last minute addition to the decor in our ceremony room, her thoughtful gift was the perfect addition to our sand ceremony.


Russ Stokes

Stu loves magicians. Caroline doesn't. Many, many discussions were had about whether there would be a magician at the wedding, and in the name of compromise (and because all of Stu's other suggestions were really not appropriate), we had a magician.

Stu found Russ at a wedding fair close to our venue and he didn't disappoint, with so many comments on how entertaining he was. We still have the card from the first trick he showed us, along with the cards from the tricks he did for us on the day. Russ and his wife got married at our venue too, which made it a memorable time for all of us.

Hair & Makeup

Beauty Call

How do you find a hair and make-up artist when your venue is two hours away from where you live? Use a franchise. The lovely Elloise did a marvellous job of our hen party hair and make-up in March, really making our Marryoke video look professional. Karen was a marvel, visiting Caroline at home for the hair and make-up trial and then travelling to Warwickshire for the day of the wedding - not only did she make Caroline look gorgeous, she transformed Esme and Freya into beautiful "Elsa's", and was great company for the five hours she spent with us.


Let's Keep In Touch

We hope you enjoyed seeing our memories as much as we liked creating them. If there's anything we can help with, or if you just want to say "hi!", please get in touch!

Caroline & Stu

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Caroline & Stu